Some of the photographs from Tilden's life. Rarely many women are not mentioned, which is  true in Tilden's time period - but women were a huge part of his Mr Tilden's life.

Mr. Tilden supported Women's Sufferage. In his Will he left each female  well cared for so that they would be able to enjoy the rest of their lives without financial concerns.

The first picture on the left is of a woman Samuel adored and she him. The center photo was his campaign poster. The second from the left is from a Congressional hearing where Tilden testified to clear his name after Republicans tried their to tarnish his reputation and failed. The fourth picture from the left was Tilden's grand-daughter. The picture to the far right is of a meeting in Louisianna where politicians met to discuss their state electoral count.
Below is the testimony that Tilden gave during a Congressional hearing after the election.  This text, although important will only have a few excepts from it added to the documentary.